Week 1 – Education 6115 – Walden University – WK1AssgnGustmanS

This week’s post is about identifying blogs and resource sites relevant to the field of instructional design or training in my workplace and for this class.

I run the technology departments for the USC Shoah Foundation (http://sfi.usc.edu) and the USC Libraries (http://library.usc.edu).  My goal in getting this Masters is to be able to guide my technical teams better in the creation of online learning systems.  As such, I was looking for blogs relevant to this course and online learning systems for secondary, higher and public education as well as libraries.

Dr. Artino – When googling our Professor, Dr. Artino, two resources struck me as helpful for this class and work.  The first is his WordPress blog, https://anthonyartino.wordpress.com/.  As a model for a blog in general it is a good site to emulate and the resources themselves are interesting both in the context of this class and my work.  The one resource of particular interest since my technology team is responsible for making online education systems for secondary, higher education and the public is The Internet and Higher Education, which I now plan to read regularly.  Also, Dr. Artino has a Master’s Portfolio site up from when he received his own Masters in Instructional Systems: Open & Distance Learning.  This is an extremely interesting model in self evaluation which could be helpful in evaluating my own learning style and capabilities.

Constructivism – Brenda Sherry, Education Officer, Ontario Ministry of Education, has created a blog called the Learning Zone.  The Learning Zone is “interested in engaging and empowering students using constructivist learning environments that bring the arts, science, math and technology together in powerful ways.”  I find the way that Ms. Sherry talks about constructivism and its application in education very helpful in understanding the theory as well as its real world application.  Ms. Sherry has also been involved with leadership techniques to promote education in her area I also find helpful.

Libaries and Instructional Design – I found two blogs that are helpful in the specific area of Libraries and Instructional Design.  The ACRLog is “blogging by and for academic research librarians”.  The Blog talks about new techniques in helping University faculty and researchers find and use information online for their research and classes.  I also found the personal blog of a Amanda Hovious, a Librarian and Instructional Designer, whose blog Designer Librarian talks about the challenges of teaching in a Library from an Instructional Designer’s point of view.

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) –  I find the ISTE Connect Blog as well as the Professional Learning Networks a very helpful resource for building online learning systms.   “ISTE is the premier nonprofit organization serving educators and education leaders committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world. ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world.”  ISTE manages standards and certifies electronic resources through their “Seal of Alignment” program.  In 2012 my technical team at the USC Shoah Foundation built our first ISTE aligned education resource called iWitness.  This experience and working with our education team to build this application is what motivated me to get my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology so I could better understand how to help our education teams deploy online learning systems.

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